Sea Buckthorn Rickey

by Spritz

"A drink to share with friends, all year round."

To Make the Sea Buckthorn Cordial


250g Sea Buckthorn Berries

300ml Water

150g Granulated White Sugar


Bring the water and the berries to the boil.

Strain the liquid into a Pyrex glass.

Stir in the sugar until dissolved.

Bottle and store chilled.

To Make the Cocktail


25ml Isle of Harris Gin

25ml Sea Buckthorn Cordial

10ml Citric Acid or 20ml of Lemon Juice

100ml Soda Water


Orange Twist


Pour all the ingredients (excluding the soda water) into an Isle of Harris Highball Glass.

Add cubed ice to the top and pour in soda water, briefly stirring the liquid.

Garnish with squeezed orange wedge dropped into the glass.


Using the hardy orange flavoured berry to create both a summer cooler and a bracing winter warmer.

The Sea Buckthorn Rickey is a low ABV drink to share with friends.

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