Earth, Wind and Brine

By Lawrence Wills-Braddock of Singer Tavern, London, UK.

"...conveys sea air and subtle herbaceous notes alongside the edgy juniper and citrus peel. "


50ml of Isle Of Harris Gin

10ml Tio Pepe Fino Sherry

15ml Pickled radish brine

Thinly sliced radish

Equal parts white wine vinegar and water

1tsp of sugar per 100ml

2 pinches of sea salt

Two slices of pickled radish and a cucumber ribbon on a wooden skewer.


In a mixing glass, dry stir fresh hard ice and pour away initial meltwater to reduce dilution.

Add Isle Of Harris Gin, Tio Pepe sherry and pickle brine

Stir until chilled

Double strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass.

Garnish with pickled radish slices and cucumber ribbon.


Lawrence has been the assistant manager at the Singer Tavern since October 2017. Located just off Finsbury Square in London, their Grade II listed building was originally the home of Singer Sewing Machines but today lives on serving excellent craft beers and a great gastropub menu. Head downstairs to their 5cc cocktail bar and discover a drinking den that’s ahead of the curve, plying unique spirits and creative cocktails.

" This recipe takes inspiration from both the terroir of the gin and the classic martini recipe. The combining of sea salt and subtly pickled radish is mirroring the addition of sharp ingredients used to compliment, for example, Scandinavian seafood dishes such as gravadlax. The addition of the pickling brine from the radish adds a subtle pink hue, which is contrasted by the addition of a cucumber and radish garnish. The addition of Tio Pepe dry sherry lends itself to this martini without overshadowing.

On the nose, Isle Of Harris Gin conveys sea air and subtle herbaceous notes alongside the edgy juniper and citrus peel. On the palate, spicy notes and the delicate freshness of the ingredients lingers alongside umami flavours and a natural sweetness. The subtle complexities of Isle of Harris Gin, alongside its intriguing individuality and celebration of Sugar kelp, make it a perfect base for experimenting with a wide variety of ingredients in cocktails, or in a gin and tonic. "

Singer Tavern, 1 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AG

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