The Seaweed Martini

by Stewart Thomson of Ox and Finch, Glasgow, UK.

"Enjoy a complex range of savoury, salty, organic, fresh, mineral and grassy notes... "


50ml of Isle of Harris Gin, infused with Nori seaweed

25ml Barbadillo Fino Dry Sherry

A pinch of Maldon Sea Salt

Pickled Samphire (Water, sugar and Vinagre de Jerez)


Infuse one 70cl bottle of Isle of Harris Gin with one sheet (25g) of dried Nori seaweed. 

Infuse for no longer than 6 hours, allowing the spirit  to take on even more maritime flavour. (The Nori will also change the colour of the gin, adding hints of green.)

In a small Kilner jar, pickle freshly gathered Samphire in equal parts water, sugar and Vinagre de Jerez.  Pickle in the liquid for at least 6 hours.

Add the infused Isle of Harris Gin, sherry and sea salt to a mixing glass.

Stir ingredients with ice until heavily chilled and slightly diluted.

During this time chill a Champagne coupe glass.

Julep strain the mixed spirit into the coupe.

Finally, garnish with sprigs of the pickled samphire.


Stewart Thomson is the manager of Ox and Finch, an award-winning restaurant in the food-lovers district of Finnieston, Glasgow. Ox and Finch holds a Bib Gourmand from The Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2018, the fourth consecutive year it has held this award. ​

“ The inspiration for the Seaweed Martini came from the classic Gibson Martini. I wanted to do something using a pickled element and, of course showcase the excellent Isle of Harris Gin. A seashore plant, the samphire was the obvious garnish to complete, based on the coastal qualities of the cocktail. You’ll enjoy a complex range of savoury, salty, organic, fresh, mineral and grassy notes throughout. ”

Ox and Finch, 920 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G3 7TF.

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