The Stromberg Martini

Created by Alessandro Palazzi, London, UK.

"The inspiration came from my love of Ian Fleming novels, and the fictional character and Bond villain Karl Sigmund Stromberg..."


100ml frozen Isle Of Harris Gin

5ml Sacred English Dry Vermouth

Sardinian Bottarga (a rich and intense delicacy of salted, cured fish roe)   


Take a Martini glass with a maximum capacity of 125ml and freeze it.

Freeze your bottle of Isle of Harris Gin

Add 5ml of the Sacred English Dry Vermouth to the frozen glass and swirl to coat the inside.

Add 100ml of frozen Isle of Harris Gin

Grate a little of the Bottarga on top to garnish to your preferred intensity.


Alessandro Palazzi is the Martini maestro of London's Mayfair, with over four decades of experience in some of the world's finest establishments. [Read his Vice Magazine interview.]​

"Stromberg lived in Atlantis, his palace submerged under the sea off the coast of Sardinia, Italy. I wanted to celebrate the ‘maritime pleasures’ in this unusual gin, bringing together an additional element of delicious Sardinian Bottarga which intensifies the unusual Sugar Kelp tones. The original Martini was created with gin, often many people think it was created with vodka. It is important when making a Martini cocktail to ensure the glass and the spirit itself is as cold as possible. The common mistake amongst bartenders is to serve it in a warm glass, or even to dilute the cocktail with too much ice during preparation. This is why I serve the Martini cocktail in a frozen glass as well as keeping the gin the freezer. For me, the Martini cocktail is a symbol of purity and elegance. The gin Martini speaks for itself through the botanicals and when served properly, is a cocktail you savour. "

Sacred English Dry Vermouth is available to order here.  Alessandro uses Bottargo supplied by Oliverilli in London. Also available here.