The Forager's Martini

By Aiden Duncan, The Kitchin, Edinburgh, UK.

"A drink which really highlights Scottish nature."


50ml Isle of Harris Gin

12.5ml Wermod Great British Vermouth

12.5ml Homemade Nettle Cordial (See below for recipe link)

Dehydrated Nettle Leaf (See below for methodology link)


Fill a Japanese mixing glass with ice.

Add Isle of Harris Gin, vermouth and cordial to the mixing glass.

Stir down until well-chilled.

Strain into a chilled Martini coupe glass.

Garnish with dehydrated nettle leaf.


This cocktail was created by Aiden Duncan, bar manager of the Michelin-starred The Kitchin restaurant in Leith, Edinburgh. Under the guidance of chef Tom Kitchin, this converted whisky warehouse espouses a 'From Nature To Plate' philosophy with a menu reflecting his passion for using the freshest and best quality Scottish ingredients.

"I decided to think about all the work that goes into Isle Of Harris Gin and thought it would be cool to design a drink which really highlights Scottish nature. Nettles for me are something in Scotland which is undervalued, they give great flavour when used correctly. The cordial is made with locally foraged nettles from the water of Leith, which is only a stone's throw away from the restaurant itself, it really adds a sweet/savoury flavour to the drink. This really ties into our Nature To Plate philosophy. I dont think a Martini is complete without a vermouth, so we used Wermod Great British Vermouth, a product which again sources all its botanicals locally from Dalmeny Farm just outside Edinburgh. It brings a crisp, dryness to the drink. Lastly, the Martini for me is the king of cocktails, the pioneer in a way. Without it I don't think the cocktail world would be the same."

The Kitchin, 78 Commercial Quay, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6LX.

Visit The Kitchin website.

Wermod Great British Vemouth available here.

Nettle Cordial recipe.

How to harvest and dry nettles.

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