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Every batch of The Hearach is made to the same recipe. However, there will be subtle, natural variations between each which reflect the casks chosen and the length of time we ‘marry’ the vatting.

We release our whisky with a special combination of letters and numbers on every stopper seal. This strip code helps you to learn more about the dram in the bottle you've bought or plan to buy.

The code may refer to a specifically married batch, or a batch from a single cask, or a batch from a certain type of maturation, or other unique factor in its release.

You can download an accompanying 'batch sheet' which corresponds to your bottle and learn about the way your whisky was made, read some tasting notes from a local islander, and enjoy a short story from Harris written at the time of that bottling.

Scroll down to find the strip codes and look out for more additions as our releases grow...


12 Unique Bottles

These are the strip codes on our first and second release bottles.

Simply click on the code which matches your bottle to discover the story behind your dram...


HE 00001 23

HE 00002 23

HE 00003 23

HE 00004 23

HE 00005 23

HE 00006 23

HE 00007 23

HE 00008 23

HE 00009 24

HE 000010 24

HE 000011 24

HE 000012 24


We'd also love to hear your thoughts and tasting notes after enjoying our whisky.

Please share them with our Chief Storyteller by email here.

Slàinte mhath!

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