The Isle of Harris Gibson

by Tommy Cummins of Discount Suit Company, London, UK.

"A simple classic that really proves its point, though the devil is certainly in the detail."


60ml Isle of Harris Gin

10ml of Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry (Dry)

10ml of Juniper and Sea Kelp infused vinegar.

Pickling onions


Pour 400ml of White Distilled Vinegar into a Kilner jar.

Add a handful of Greek Juniper berries plus a handful and a pinch of dried Kelp. 

Add pickling onions (e.g. Silverskin, Pearl), seal jar and leave to infuse for 10 days.

Add ice to an already chilled mixing glass. 

Pour in the gin, vermouth and vinegar before mixing with a teardrop bar spoon.

Julep strain into a chilled vintage coupette glass.

Garnish with two of the pickled onions.


Tommy Cummins is the bar manager of Discount Suit Company in London, UK. This independent cocktail bar is situated moments from Spitalfields Market and focuses on great cocktails made with traditional methods and forgotten classic recipes.​ All of this soundtracked by a big love for all things Soul - especially Northern.

“A simple classic that really proves its point, though the devil is certainly in the detail. We infused the onions with the juniper berries and sea kelp to drive home the maritime idyll and to represent both the gin (juniper berries), and the island (kelp). Also, Isle Of Harris Gin stands with its head held high against the pickling liquor. It’s great to try something different in the gin world and Isle of Harris are doing that. While everyone is doing heavy juniper London Dry styles, they are keeping to their heritage of the island. This is shown in that lovely maritime smell, with hints of pine needles and dried oranges. Looking forward to seeing what you release next."

Discount Suit Company Cocktail Bar, 29A Wentworth Street, London, E1 7TB.

Visit the Discount Suit Company website.

Dried Kelp available from The Cornish Seaweed Company.

Dolin Dry Vermouth available from Berry Bros. & Rudd.

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