Hearadh 75

by Spritz

"A Harris twist on a classic - our take on the French 75."


35ml Isle of Harris Gin

25ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

15ml Honey Water

40ml Crémant Wine (Champagne or Sparkling Wine will suffice)


A couple of drops of smoky Scotch whisky


Pour all the ingredients (excluding the Crémant) into the small half of a cocktail shaker.

Add cubed ice, seal with the large half of a cocktail shaker.

Shake hard for ten seconds and strain the contents into an Isle of Harris Martini Glass.

Top with Crémant or sparkling wine.


A simple but special cocktail. The addition of sparkling wine makes it ideal for a celebration or festive occasion.

The Hearadh 75 is our take on the French 75. It's easy to make at home and brings a touch of the Hebrides with the addition of just a couple of drops of peaty whisky.

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