Grapefruit Cèilidh Sour

by Spritz

"A refreshing Isle of Harris Gin sour."

To Make Grapefruit Sherbert


1 Grapefruit

25g Sugar


Using a mandolin, slice a grapefruit thinly into wheels.

Dehydrate the wheels in a dehydrator or fan assisted oven on low.

Place the wheels and sugar into a spice blender.

Blitz until a dust forms.

To Make Marmalade Syrup


50g Orange Marmalade

25ml Water


Pour water into pan and bring to boil.

Take pan off heat and add marmalade, stirring together.

Strain into a bottle and store chilled.

To Make the Cocktail


50ml Isle of Harris Gin

35ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice

20ml Marmalade Syrup

20ml Egg White


Grapefruit Sherbert


Pour all the ingredients into the small half of a cocktail tin.

Seal with the larger tin and shake without ice for ten to fifteen seconds.

Unseal the tins, add cubed ice and reseal. Shake hard for ten to fifteen seconds.

Strain into a chilled Isle of Harris Gin Martini Glass.

Garnish with grapefruit sherbert.


A perfect pantry cupboard cocktail, using marmalade, eggs and fresh breakfast juices.

An easy one to make at a cèilidh at home to share with friends.

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