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The Winter Cèilidh

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Even in the coldest months you can find warmth with friends and family.

This festive season the Isle of Harris Distillery sets out to share the spirit of our island with the world through The Winter Cèilidh!

A long-held Outer Hebridean tradition, the word Cèilidh simple means “a visit” in our native Scottish Gaelic language.

This isn’t about kilts and Highland dancing, in fact the real heart of the cèilidh lies in a relaxed gathering of close family and good friends.

You can have a cèilidh anywhere, from beaches to your cosy local bar...

The Winter Cèilidh celebrates the warmth of connection at the coldest time of year, and the essential ingredients are easy - good company, good music, and of course, good drink!

From beach bonfires and cosy local bars, to the hearths of home, it's the ideal time to come together in fellowship and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life.

So, as the temperatures drop and the dark nights draw in, we encourage you to extend a warm welcome to your kith and kin this winter, and bring them in from the cold.

The winter cèilidh is all about connection with friends and family.

Pour some Isle of Harris Gin, add some toe-tapping tunes, share delicious dishes, and swap stories and songs in the same way the people of the Outer Hebrides have done for centuries.

To help things along, we’re about to release a special Winter digital edition of our Harris Cèilidh book and we've packed it full of creative new cocktails, seafood serves, and seasonal music to stream.

In it you’ll find a fun 7 Step Guide to throwing your own winter cèilidh at home and even some festive Gaelic phrases to twist your tongue around!

The Winter Cèilidh book has recipes for kitchen cocktail making.

We’ve also a special “12 Days Of The Winter Cèilidh” planned with daily online releases of the much sought after Harris Ceilidh Bottles in the second half of November, with some more surprises on the way as we head towards the big day.

Look out for news on a special Silver Cèilidh ticket which will entitle the lucky winner to a wonderful treat of a trip to our island next winter.

And, keep your eyes peeled for a few pop-up cèilidhs as we join in the sessions of some great trad musicians to help keep the island spirit flowing.

Look out for Isle of Harris Gin at some trad music sessions coming soon...

For the first time Isle of Harris Gin bottles will also be available in over 200 independent stores across the UK, allowing you to pick the perfect present straight from the shop shelf.

And, our exclusive online range of Isle of Harris Gin gift sets come complete with a free handwritten personal message from you, helping to reach out across the miles and let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them at this time of year.

So, in these tough times gather together join with us as we raise a glass of our beautiful Isle of Harris Gin to The Winter Cèilidh, and the warmth of love and laughter long into the cold nights...

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