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The Refill Project

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The Refill Project gets underway.

Earlier this week we celebrated World Refill Day and marked the occasion by launching a new Isle of Harris Gin initiative we’re calling The Refill Project.

As a growing business in a beautiful corner of the world we not only feel a genuine connection to nature but realise and accept there are responsibilities which inevitably come with this.

The Refill Project is another step in the right direction as we begin to experiment with more innovative ecological ideas.

The new 500ml aluminium refill bottle.

So, to begin with we are exploring the potential of aluminium as a high-quality packaging material with exceptional recyclability, lightness, and excellent carbon footprint figures.

At a smaller 500ml size, our new aluminium refill bottle is designed to top up your glass Isle of Harris Gin bottle before it is empty, so you never run out of your favourite island spirit again.

The new bottle is only available online through a limited annual subscription service initially, as we test the waters. But as demand grows, we plan to introduce more ways to get hold of one.

The Refill Subscription is initially available for a 12-month period.

Individual bottles are also available in the distillery Shop here in Tarbert alongside an aluminium recycling station to drop off your empties.

Earlier today we put more of our plans into action as some of the Tarbert team took paid time-off to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution around our normally pristine shores.

Over the course of just a few hours we filled several tonne bags and numerous large sacks with all manner of plastic waste in the two small, rocky bays near the head of Loch na h-Uamha just north of Scadabay.

Our intrepid team of shoreline cleaners.

The remote location was far from the beautiful beaches of our west coast but no less important to the local wildlife than the more popular and picturesque areas of our island.

As The Refill Project progresses, we’ll be doing more to mitigate environmental impacts, not just for our island, but for all of us who value the planet.

It will not be easy, we may often fall short. But, we will make every effort to be a better, greener business when and where we can.

The first boatload of plastic debris is removed from our remote clean-up location.

Over the coming months we'll be sharing more information on the full recyclability of our glass Isle of Harris Gin bottle, and also looking more closely at aluminium.

Until then you can learn more about The Refill Project over on our website and if you’d like to be one of our first subscribers then go directly to our online shop for more.

So why not 'Subscribe To Sustainability' with a year’s supply of Isle of Harris Gin, and never run out?

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