Image for Only From The Isle Of Harris

Only From The Isle Of Harris

Posted on 08 November, 2019

Isle of Harris Gin can only come from one place...the heart of our Outer Hebridean home. Begin the journey with us...
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Image for The French Connection

The French Connection

Posted on 11 October, 2019

As we collect our Exporter of the Year 2019 award we also celebrate new friendships with France with three incredible cocktails made in the wilds of Harris.
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Image for From Tarbert To The World

From Tarbert To The World

Posted on 04 October, 2019

Learn more about our international adventures as we make our first Isle of Harris Gin shipments to Mexico and Italy, with more to come...
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Image for Summer In The City

Summer In The City

Posted on 06 September, 2019

Summer has ended and while we wait for the solstice to mark the beginning of astrological Autumn we take a look back at some happenings far from our Isle of Harris shores.
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Image for International Scottish Gin Day

International Scottish Gin Day

Posted on 02 August, 2019

Every drop of Isle of Harris Gin is distilled, bottled, sealed and shipped from our distillery in the small village of Tarbert.
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Image for Life Beneath the Waves

Life Beneath the Waves

Posted on 17 May, 2019

As I drove the long and winding road to the village of Keose, I began to wonder just what I’d let myself in for, as the next heavy hail shower rolled in, hammering down on the car roof. This wasn’t quite the sunny day away from my desk I’d had in mind…
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Image for G'Day Australia

G'Day Australia

Posted on 10 May, 2019

This week we’re delighted to announce our Isle of Harris Gin has reached the end of its 10,500 mile journey and arrived in the city of Melbourne, Australia.  
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Image for Click. Connect. Collect

Click. Connect. Collect

Posted on 19 April, 2019

Our island distillery sits by the harbour shores of a small village in the far northwest reaches of Scotland, tucked into the tightly belted isthmus of Tarbert.
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Image for A sugar kelp spring

A sugar kelp spring

Posted on 22 March, 2019

Spring is officially here, the vernal equinox heralding the arrival of new life across the island’s natural world and here at the Isle of Harris Distillery too.
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