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From Tarbert To Texas

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The long journey to reach new shores.

It’s been a long journey, in every sense of the word, but tonight we’re delighted to announce that our Isle of Harris Gin has reached U.S. waters.

Over the centuries, many hundreds of islanders have crossed the ocean to find their fortunes in America, and here in 2021 our beautiful bottles are ready to stake their claim too.

Over the past few years, we’ve been busy telling our story far and wide, and word of our work has already spread throughout the land of opportunity.

A special 750ml bottle and label for the US market.

Now, at last, we can finally confirm to our eager friends, family, and fans stateside that we’re about to make land, albeit a lot further south than Plymouth Rock.

After four weeks of travel by land and sea, we'll be making our first 4,500 mile delivery of gin from the Harris Distillery to the busy port of Houston in Texas tomorrow.

Soon after they’ll make their way to our new friends at MISA Imports in Dallas, who will then set to work sharing our island spirit with the good people of their home state.

From our shores in Harris... the shores of Houston, USA.

They say that everything’s bigger in Texas, and that's proving to be true. Their population is six times that of Scotland, and the city of Dallas alone is twice the area of our entire island!

So, to keep up with the supersized state, our Isle of Harris Gin will also be (slightly) bigger there too as we launch a new 750ml bottle to comply with liquor laws.

After this first step, we’ll be getting into our stride and setting out for the west coast soon after. Where better for a humble Hebridean to seek some celebrity, and hopefully strike gold, than in California?

Pallets of Isle of Harris Gin are readied for the road in Tarbert...

...soon to hit the trails in Texas!

And after that, it’ll be on to the Midwest and Illinois as we continue to explore the people and places of this incredible continent, one state at a time.

It’s a hugely exciting time for us, and the result of a lot of hard work from everyone involved in the project, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll tell you more of the story behind this journey, and introduce you to our brilliant US partners at MISA Imports, Sam, Cormac, and Matt without whom none of this could have happened.

Matt and Cormac from Misa Imports, Dallas TX.

The Misa Imports family and now our new friends in spirit.

We’ll also be telling you exactly where and when our Isle of Harris Gin will be available to buy, which states we’ll be heading for next, and our other plans to connect with our American cousins and customers.

Meantime, we’re raising a well-earned glass to another new adventure far from home. Please join us as we celebrate safe passage from Tarbert to Texas, and the many new roads and highways which now lie ahead.

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