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Celebrate At A Different Pace

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Things can often feel a little less hectic in Harris.

Drawn into the ceaseless cycle of round-the-clock bad news and endless social media scrolling, it has become harder and harder to find time to take time out.

So, as the frenetic festive season approaches, we want to remind you that life takes time, and encourage you to find your quiet moments amidst the chaos.

There are simple pleasures to be found, and far more mindful ways to mark the season that can give just as much joy as any Black Friday bargain.

Simple pleasures of the season, Northton, Isle of Harris.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all finding out what matters most. Connection and community, friends and family, health and happiness, gratitude for the small things.

For us, it’s feeling the warmth of an open fire on a cold day, and time well spent with those closest to us. It’s the sting of salt-spray from the sea and walking empty beaches with a best friend.

It’s discovering those peaceful places which provide a chance to recharge, these wide-open spaces which inspire us to reflect.

The old post office at Manish, Isle of Harris.

Seek out calm when and where you can, be still despite the storm, find peace in the present. Escape, even if it’s just for a minute. Take the opportunity to reconnect with what is important in life.

To help, we invite you to get closer to the Isle of Harris, where we’re setting out to celebrate at a different pace once again this year.

Join us in sharing the best of this rare place, where the landscape is beautifully stark in the low light of winter, lashed by wild weather as life clings on through the darker months.

Winter washing lines, Scalpay.

Be rewarded by the sights and sounds of nature, a feast for the senses despite the absence of festive fairs and flashing lights.

Just sense the scent of slowly drifting peat smoke, the crash of cold waves, that first sip of well-earned island spirit as a busy day draws to a close.

And, remember we always have each other.

Deliveries on a long and winding island road, Isle of Harris.

Our community may be scattered across these small islands but still remains tightly woven together through these troubled times.

We hope you and yours does too, even though we’re all so far apart.

Our beautiful bottles of Isle of Harris Gin seek to capture all of these elusive island qualities, and the special spirit made by local hands strives to bring out the best of this distinct place.

Enjoy Isle of Harris Gin 'on the rocks' this winter.

Hand-blown glassware, curated gift sets in bespoke packaging, and handwritten messages can all be shared with your loved ones directly from the Isle of Harris.

We’ll ship from our shores to your doors in just a few days, sending your carefully chosen gifts on an Outer Hebridean journey across land and sea, along long roads, over wild waves, bleak moors, and high mountains.

This season, the only thing to worry about is a simple date. Don’t miss the boat, just remember to place your orders with us by the 16th of December...


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