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A New Storyteller

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A real blue-sky thinker!

We don’t really do marketing here in Harris. There’s no big agency or team of creative “blue-sky” thinkers talking about brand funnels and product placements.

Instead we’ve simply tried to tell our island story and let Harris and our spirits do the talking.

In recent months our stories have been slower to arrive in your inbox, mostly because we’ve been busy with other exciting things behind the scenes. But, all that is about to change.

A new role in Harris and feeling on top of the world...

We’re delighted to introduce you to a new storyteller, Leanne MacDonald who has just joined us here at the distillery to help capture even more of our world and way of life.

Leanne is 24 years young and hails from the small village of Back in the Isle of Lewis, not too far to the north of the distillery.

She holds a Master's degree in digital marketing and having just completed a digital marketing graduate scheme has also spent a short time freelancing.

Getting hands-on with our whisky for the first time.

She tells us…

“I was always hearing about the distillery from the moment it was announced. It was always a drive-by visit to see how things were progressing whenever we were on road trips to Harris and we were always so impressed at how amazing it all looked.”

She continues…

“An opportunity arose with the most impeccable timing and knowing the opportunities the role would entail, mixed with the camaraderie within the distillery team, it was a no-brainer for me to apply and I’m delighted to have got the call offering me the job!”

Checking out the private casks at the Ardhasaig warehouse.

Leanne has been with us for just two weeks so far but we’ve been busy immersing her in the wider aspects of distillery life as she spends time in other departments learning about casks and commercials, gin-tastings and tours.

“I’m now looking forward to getting stuck into my role, and sharing our stories with everyone on our social media channels. I will now be getting my creative juices flowing to showcase all that we have to offer across our platforms.”

We’re excited to have her onboard to help us tell even more of our story as we set out into 2023. A great year lies ahead and we’re sure Leanne will be sharing every memorable moment as we go.


If you’d like to say hello you can reach her via and keep an eye out on social media for her upcoming tales from Tarbert…

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