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Into Spring

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Blue skies above the Isle of Harris Distillery.

We’ve had a fair few fine days this week when the sun shines down on the island and the skies turn that peculiar kind of cerulean blue only Harris manages to muster.

Winter hasn’t quite released us from her grip yet, we know not to be complacent about the weather, but there’s a definite sense that things are loosening up a little.

It’s at this point in our island calendar that a weariness begins to set in, and the novelty of nights by the fire and sheltering from the storms starts to wear a little thin.

Domhnall Macleod and his mighty casks.

Some beautiful oak barrels and butts by the sea.

This is just how the senses feel on the cusp of a long season, when the moor grasses are bent and broken and it feels like life will never return.

But, each day the dawn comes that bit sooner and the light stretches incrementally into every passing evening to bring us a few more minutes before nightfall.

Here at the distillery, the sap is beginning to rise too. Although our doors remain closed to the public, there is a quiet buzz behind the scenes, and everyone is upbeat and busy.

Our apprentice whisky blender Harry in his happy place.

Sarah in her skiing 'stookie' lending a helping hand...

Our new warehouses in Ardhasaig are completed and the cask boys have been moving barrels about like nobody’s business as our whisky plans take shape.

The on-site cask warehouse is being transformed too, as we make room for new equipment, tanks, pumps, filters, and bunds.

As ‘The Dottach’ gin still gets into her stride there’s a real bottling boom going on as we get a myriad of orders fulfilled and ready to ship to customers across the globe.

The busiest bottlers on the island keep on smiling...

Plenty smiles from the boys by the new bund too...

And, we’ve been sending our people out into the world too with Iona currently spending time in New York and Peter travelling to India to explore the potential of this incredible country.

Back at home, the distillery doors will be open again on Monday, March 13th at 10 am and we look forward to welcoming in new friends and old for the first time this year.

We can’t wait to begin sharing our story in person once more, but if you can’t make it to Harris please stay connected with us here online as we take the first steps into spring.

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