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Enemies of average

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Earlier this week we closed our distillery doors for the day, as our entire team gathered around the peat fire to share, discuss and learn from each other in preparation for the busy year ahead.

We want every aspect of our distillery work to be the best it can be, and a big part of that is acknowledging what we do well and discovering what we can do better.

We call this being ‘enemies of average’ and the aim is always to ensure that all those who connect with us, are delighted with what they see, hear and receive.

It was also a rare opportunity to have everyone in one place at the same time, even our ambassadors normally based in mainland Scotland and London. Seeing everyone together like this really brought home just how far we have come since opening our doors for the first time in September 2015

Back then we comprised of just the 'Tarbert Ten' but we’ve now grown into a team over 30 men and women, all but three of us living and working right here in the Isle of Harris. With original aspirations to create jobs for 19 local people by 2022, we’re proud to have surpassed our employment plans already.

We were also very pleased to welcome the latest addition to the Harris Distillery family, with 35-year-old Claire Graham from Edinburgh joining us in Tarbert as she takes up her new role as our second Scottish brand ambassador.

Claire is no stranger to our work, having helped us with visual merchandising in our distillery Shop and across a number of our key Scottish Click & Collect depositories last year.

Recognising her potential and keen eye for detail, we’ve now brought her on board to work alongside Iona Cairns and Rachel Macdonald to best connect with our customers across the country.

Claire tells us...

“After working with the distillery last summer, I really fell in love with the island and just wanted to return. I then did a project with the distillery’s Click and Collect depositories and found that I really enjoyed sharing the distillery story. When you approached me to become a brand ambassador I just knew it felt right and decided to go for it!”

Together, our trio of ambassadors will be working hard to bring our island spirit to towns and cities far from our island shores, sharing our story with the same warmth and welcome as we do here at the distillery.

Growing in this way has only been made possible by the enthusiasm and support of people like you, as you follow our progress, pour plenty of Isle of Harris Gin and visit the distillery here in our small Outer Hebridean community.

So, as 2019 gets underway in earnest we say a big thank you to you all and hope we can continue to be enemies of average, delighting you even more through our people, place and products with each passing week…

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