The Milky Way

"A lunar inspired clarified milk punch."

To Make Oleo Saccharum


2 Large Oranges

200g Sugar

200ml Orange Juice


Grate the peel of the oranges into a plastic container, careful not to grate the pith.

Pour onto the grated orange the sugar, stir until it forms a paste.

Juice the oranges, pour the liquid into the container, seal, and chill.

Strain the liquid into a glass after 8 hours.

To Make the Cocktail

Ingredients to make 10

450ml Isle of Harris Gin

90ml Oleo Saccharum

150ml Lemon and Lime Juice

120ml Pedro Ximenez Sherry

500ml Rose and Lychee Tea

400ml Green Tea

125ml Rhubarb Syrup

100ml Sugar Syrup

10 Dashes of Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water

750ml Whole Milk


Pour all the ingredients into a container. The milk will curdle with the citrus quickly, do not stir or impact upon this process.

Line a sieve with a fine coffee filter, the finer the clearer the clarification. Place a container below for the liquid to drip into.

Pour the curdled liquid into the sieve. The liquid will slowly filter through, clarified, dripping into the container below.

Continue to pour the liquid into the filter, the whey will solidify in the base of the filter, this is meant to happen and acts as a further filter.

Attempt not to agitate the filtered liquid, and for extra clarity, syringe the liquid out allowing for the sediment at the bottom to stay in the container.

For the final drink, pour 150ml of the mix into an Isle of Harris Gin Glass with an ice block and garnish with an edible flower.

Any remaining liquid can be chilled, bottled and used within 4 weeks.


Inspired by the lunar like landscapes of the east of Harris and the dark skies of the Outer Hebrides. This cocktail, while being complex to create, can last for weeks if batched up beforehand.

The finished serve can be elevated by a drop or two of our Aromatic Sugar Kelp Water.

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