The Sound of Waves

by Spritz

"Dive deep into the glass for the sugar kelp and grapefruit goodness."

For the Sorbet


5g Sugar Kelp

1L Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

400g Sugar


Pour all the sugar kelp and grapefruit juice into a thermomix, blend briefly, pour into a pan.

Over a medium heat, pour in and dissolve the sugar.

Once dissolved, chill for 25 minutes.

Churn in an ice cream maker for 25 minutes.

Pour into a container and freeze.

For the Cocktail


50ml Isle of Harris Gin

75ml Sparkling Wine

2 Scoops of Grapefruit and Sugar Kelp Sorbet


Scoop the sorbet into an Isle of Harris Martini Glass.

Pour over Isle of Harris Gin and top with sparkling wine.


Almost as refreshing as a dive into the Atlantic!

This serve celebrates the discovery of our key botanical and the story of the kelp boom in the Sound of Harris.

It is inspired by the Sgroppino serve - an Italian dessert cocktail.

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