Seared Scallops, Cucumber and Apple

By Pablo Rodriguez of Escocesa, London, UK.

"A dish full of flavour with some real seafood sweetness..."


4 x Hand-dived Scallops

1 x Cucumber

1 x Green apple

Olive oil

Cabarnet Sauvignon vinegar

Maldon sea salt


Coriander cress

Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water


Peel the cucumber and slice in half before removing seeds.

Cut cucumber into small cubes around 1cm in size.

Wash the green apple, remove the core and cut into 4 pieces. 

Slice the apple pieces across to 1/2cm thickness.

Mix the apple and cucumber with a little olive oil, Cabaret Sauvignon vinegar and salt.

Heat up a pan and when hot drizzle some oil and add the scallops.Season each scallop with a little salt and sear at high heat for 2 mins on each side until a golden colour.

Once cooked put 2 tablespoons of the dressed apple and cucumber onto a plate and place scallops on top.

Add 3 drops of Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water to each scallop.

Garnish with a few leaves of coriander cress and a pinch of sumac.


Owned by Ayrshire born former music producer Stephen Leroni, Escocesa serves great Scottish produce, particularly west-coast seafood, and applies some serious Spanish cooking sensibilities. The result is a menu full of wonderful specials, tapas, paella and other good things brought to you by head chef Pablo Rodriguez.

Their cocktails, wines and sherries are also second to none. This dish can be enjoyed with their cocktail Atlantiko a delicious stirred-down combination of Isle of Harris Gin, Arima late-harvest sweet wine, dill and our Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water.

" Scallops are full of flavour but also have some sweetness. The green apples and the sumac bring some acidity to the dish, and the cucumber brings a crunchiness which combines well with the scallops' texture. The Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water brings a final burst of the sea to finish things off..."

Escocesa, 67 Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, London N16 0AR

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