Rhubarb & Lime Rickey

by Spritz

"A deliciously sweet cooler to make and enjoy at home."

To make the rhubarb syrup


150g Rhubarb Stalks

300ml Water

150g Granulated Sugar


Slice rhubarb into 2cm pieces.

Put water and rhubarb into pan and bring to boil, simmering until the rhubarb reaches a pulp-like consistency.

Cool and strain the liquid into a Pyrex dish.

Stir in the sugar until dissolved.

Bottle and chill.

To Make the Cocktail


25ml Isle of Harris Gin

50ml Rhubarb Syrup

10ml Lime Juice

100ml Soda Water


Rhubarb Shard and Lime Wedge


Pour all the ingredients (excluding the soda water) into an Isle of Harris Highball Glass.

Add cubed ice to the top and pour in soda water, briefly stirring the liquid.

Garnish with a rhubarb shard and a lime wedge.


A simple cooler to be made at home.

Homemade rhubarb syrup adds a delicious sweetness to Isle of Harris Gin and soda.

A touch of lime juice can help liven the green pine flavours in our island spirit.

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